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Photo Workshops

by Kevin+Pansa

Do you want to learn how to get the most from your camera and really enjoy photography? Whether online or in person while you travel in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) and beyond, all of our photography workshops are designed for amateur photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills and provide the best opportunities for creating stunning photos.

We run photo workshops to teach and encourage you to know your camera and experience real creative expression in your photography. Modern cameras are full of incredible technology with many automatic settings that are great for making snapshots. But you can do better than that. You can learn to use your camera to create images with feeling, that tell a story and really communicate your vision.

We have an expanding range of online courses designed to fit your lifestyle – no need for extended study as they will integrate easily into your daily routine. If you’re traveling to Thailand come and meet us in person so we can tailor a workshop to your skill level and share our passion for photography with you.

We’re Crowdfunding!

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign so please make sure to click on the button below to buy our online courses, accommodation and travel workshops (and more) at generously discounted prices.

Included exclusively in our campaign is pre-purchase of our newest course (so new we have not even launched it yet) The Complete Photography Experience – A Workshop In 365 Steps. This course is built around the concept of the 365 day photography challenge and teaches step by step how to learn photography in short lessons and practical experiments in such a way the study is easily integrated into your current lifestyle. There’s an option to purchase

The course is presented in 8 separate progressive modules so whether you are a beginner or have some experience already you can study at whatever level you are need to learn more. Check this page for more details.

There’s an option to purchase each module with personal mentoring or the modules alone.

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In Person Workshops teaching you to make photos like a pro

travel photography workshops

Chiang Mai is a culturally rich and visually diverse city in northern Thailand full of opportunities to create memorable images. We have designed our photo workshops to give you a genuine experience of the city (and surrounds,) while looking to avoid most of the very touristic locations. Signing up for one of our workshops will give you the opportunity learn with our team and take the mystery out of your camera, providing you a greater freedom to enjoy the art of photography.

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original workshops that teach you to make photos like a pro

online photography workshops

Learn to get the most from your camera. Are you frustrated because you know you are not getting the photographs you really want to take? It’s not your camera that’s at fault, it’s just you haven’t learned yet how to make the most of it.

Photo Workshops Online is the best place for you to learn photography online from a professional with decades of experience.

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Online Photography Workshops

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sue shared about her experience ...

Exceeded my Expectations!

Kevin and Pansa were simply wonderful. I was fortunate enough to have them both to myself for this workshop so needless to say I had a personal one on one experience. The locations are fun and beautiful with culture and history. Kevin is very knowledgeable about photography and we had several very engaging conversations. I am a working photographer now but shoot mostly beauty and fashion so this was a completely different genre for me. He helped me understand ways of seeing the subject and telling a story with my pictures. It was a great day and wonderful way to experience some of Chiang Mai!

John had this to say ...

Amazing workshop!

This is a superb workshop, it gave us a unique insight into Chiang Mai while at the same time teaching us how to use our camera. If you want to learn to use those features on your camera you've avoided then this is the workshop for you. Kevin is a vastly experienced photographer with a real gift for teaching, he quickly finds out what level you and your equipment is at and builds the teaching from there. I will return and perhaps take the 5 day workshop. Wonderful day and what a way to see Chiang Mai

Richard shared his review on Trip Advisor ...

I can now shoot on Manual Mode with confidence

I did two workshops with Kevin and Pansa, covering Chiang Mai Markets and Mae Sa Valley. As a result of the workshops, I'm happy to say I'm no longer reliant on aperture priority and I now shoot on Manual Mode! Thank you Kevin and Pansa for your combined teaching on the technical and creative aspects of getting great photos. I enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it to any photographer traveling to Chiang Mai. I appreciate the ongoing support post tour. Keep up the great work guys, and thank you!!

Ken had this to say about her experience ...

Great teacher

I booked the Chiang Mai Market and Chiang Mai at night workshops. I had limited photography experience and looked forward to improving my skills. Kevin is a great photographer and a wonderful teacher/coach. He had me using the manual mode with in minutes. He really helped feel more confident using my camera. Kevin and Pansa provided a wonderful experience. The locations were awesome, very colorful, and probably not too well know to Chiang Mai visitors. Kevin is very patient, full of local knowledge and has a great sense of humor. I am sure he can help any level of photographer. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography. You will see improvement in your photography skills and a side of Chiang Mai many visitors overlook.

Pam enjoyed a few days learning with us ...

Learn photography skills in Chiang Mai while meeting locals and seeing places you probably wouldn't have otherwise visited with N.Z. Expat & Tutor Photographer Kevin and his Thai wife Po. Po as well as Kevin is a skilled photographer and takes amazing, not to mention artistic shots with her Smartphone when she isn't demonstrating something on her full frame NIKON DSLR. Kevin's fees are not cheap but well worth it when considering the investment most hobby and "would be" photographers like myself spend on their cameras, lenses, bags and other gear. In my case, Kevin assisted me to figure out several complexities of my new Mirrorless OLYMPIC. Secondly and thanks to him I made the step up from Aperture Priority to Manual which I am very proud to say. I took two, single day trips with Kevin and Po and as the second day was a customised trip my husband tagged along and found the day both interesting and enjoyable. Another big advantage I found on my trips was that both Kevin and Po know many of the locals from rickshaw drivers, and stall holders to Hillside Tribal people and can get them to pose as well as suggest the best angles and positions from which to take a shot. Thanks to Po who kept encouraging me to move in closer with portrait shots I captured some great keepers of Hillside women in traditional costume. Pam, Australia

Caroline had a great day!

As a keen amateur photographer with a day to kill in Chiang Mai I met up with Kevin and Pu and had an excellent day. They took me to parts of Chiang Mai I would never have found and had a fabulous day. The day ran like clock-work and included a delicious lunch.Thanks to their wonderful expertise and knowledge my photography skills have improved immensely and sharing their imagination and creativity means I now have amazing photos to remember my day in Chiang Mai. Truly an excellent experience. Caroline, Scotland

David wrote ...

Kevin and Pu were fantastic. I did the Day in Chiang Mai workshop. We started off the morning talking about photography and how I normally shoot which is aperture priority with AEB. I used manual for the majority of the trip. We worked a lot on composition as well as using the light. I felt like a learned a lot and got to see some nontouristy parts of Chiang Mai which was fantastic. I highly recommend this to any photographers traveling through Chiang Mai. Thanks Kevin and Pu David H, USA

Aurthur from Australia enjoyed his day with us (and wants to come back for more!)

I had a fantastic day with Kevin and Pu the day workshop went so fast it started at a rural temple which was mind blowing what a well preserved site then on to the hill tribes who were very friendly and not afraid to have there photo taken Kevin and Pu have a great relationship with them, then it was on to lunch which was amazing at a lovely little restaurant lastly we went to the Sai Nam Phung Orchid farm this was were Pu was able to pass on her skills to me in photographing orchids they were absolutely beautiful then my day came to an end. Could I pick any one highlight no the were all great Kevin and Pu have a good understanding in photography which I have learned some new and better skills to take away with and put into practice lastly if you are looking for a photography workshop when in Chiang Mai don't look past this one you will certainly love it. Thank you again guy's see you next trip. Arthur, Australia

Rebecca said this about her workshop experience ...

"I cannot say enough good about Kevin. There are a lot of amazing photographers in this world, but not many are truly exceptional teachers." "Kevin truly know how to put the art of photography and the technical aspects of the camera into the right light for each one of his students. He certainly did so for me." "I've been traveling for 9 years now and have been a self taught amature photographer for a good majority of that time. I was looking to step my craft up a few notches but just couldn't seem to get past a certain level... I knew I was grasping all that my camera could do, and the frustration of not being able to capture a shot just the way I wanted it was beginning to kill my creativity." "Kevin was the key to unlocking the magic! Answered so many questions and inspired so many more, then gave me the answers with hands on experience. Not to mention, he knows the streets of Chiang Mai like a native and will you to places you would have ever found on your own." "What he charges for the day is so exceptional reasonable, especially as the knowledge you will walk away with is priceless. I've moved onto Laos since then and I truly cannot believe the differences in my photos... I'm inspired all over again. Thank you Kevin!!!"

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