Photo montage of the Iron Bridge in Chiang Mai at night

Photomontage Examples

Here is a gallery of photomontage examples and some of my thoughts on how to make a photomontage.

This style of photomontage examples is also known as a photo joiner or photo collage. I mix the terms up but in reality I am talking about the same thing – multiple photos in one frame to form one artwork. It originates from the David Hockney photo collage technique. Here I share about how to make a photomontage.

What Are David Hockney Photography Joiners?

A single photograph is a moment frozen, suspended in time. Or time stretched and motion blurred during a long exposure. It’s from a single perspective.

A photomontage stretches time and bends perspective. The limitations of singularity vanish.

Photo joiners portray elements of realism. It’s photography. They can be somewhat surreal. Time and form can become warped. They can be decidedly cubist. Perspective, shape, and form become mine to play with.

How Do I Make My Photo Collage Art?

I first started creating photomontages in the early 1980’s. I watched a documentary on British painter David Hockney. He was, at that time, making photo joiners. I was inspired. I’d recently bought my first camera. I was a fan of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. This medium was perfect!

Having worked as a photographer professionally and while raising a family, the motivation to make art was not always so alive. At that time I was a newspaper photographer. I managed to get a number of photo collages published, (some of them taking up a full page.) I also presented them to wedding clients as a unique option that could be part of their special day.

In 2010 I began experimenting adding photo joiners to a video timeline. I combined video clips and still images. In 2012 I was part of a joint exhibition at the Chiang Mai University Art Gallery. Showing three print photo joiners and my first publically displayed video photomontage. In 2014 I held a solo exhibition at the Le Meridien Hotel in Chiang Mai. In 2015 the same pieces were on display at Coffee Monster, a popular cafe and co-working space.

I continue to explore time and space in my photomontage examples.

Photomontage Examples


The tricycle taxis are a fading part of Chiang Mai culture. I’d been encouraged by an arts professor they were a good subject because of their declinging numbers. I’ve always enjoyed photographing cycles and am engaged in an ongoing project with the saamlor and their riders.


Another iconic Chiang Mai public transport vehicle. I’m sure in time few of these machines will buzz the streets picking up tourists. Stretched out and overflowing.


There are seven different coloured taxi truck in Chiang Mai. The red ones go where they please. The others follow set routes.


I was beginning to experiment more with longer exposures and, in the video version, different kinds of movement.

Ducati Transformer (video)

P Thamnu

His wife invited me to make this montage. I was delighted at the challenge, but nervous about it too. How do I montage an artist? I love his choice of location and thoroughly enjoyed photographing him as he painted.

P Bee

Photographing artists working is one of my favourite things to do. So, after montaging her husband we set up to montage Bee making one of her ceramic creations.

Progression (video)

More art. I’d been invited to take part in a group exhibition and was at a loss for something to contribute. Many of the artists had come from the Baltics and were creating their contributions for the show up at the CM University. So I told the curator my pieces would be of the artists at work.

Beauty Mirror

My wife had not appreciated a montage composition I’d been working on where I had distorted a face by overlapping images. My safe solution was to put this one of her together without any overlaps. She loves it.

Hat Maker (video)

This lovely man sits in the Sunday Walking Street Market each week. I asked him if I could photograph him as he made a hat. He was happy for me to. Eventually I took him a CD with thid montage. He was very happy to receive it. He remembered me from nearly a year earlier as it had been incredibly difficult and time consuming to put together.

Special Friends (video)

These two had stayed with me for a while previously. We’d had a wonderful time traveling in Laos together. I had to montage them.