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Modern cameras, and even our smart phones, are packed with incredible technology and have fabulous lenses that make capturing creative photos more possible than ever. Understanding the basic principle of photography and learning solid tips, tricks and techniques from a seasoned professional will boost your photography skills to new levels.

Instead of investing in a new camera, invest in our online courses today and start learning to take fantastic photos with the camera you already own.

     What are our students saying

           about our online courses?

“This is undoubtedly one of the best photography courses I’ve taken. Kevin covered all the important issues concerning manual photography and the importance to knowing how your camera operates. His lectures have included excellent video examples of creating outstanding photographs. I have certificates in Photoshop and Illustrator and I have just bought a fantastic Canon camera and I am very excited about using what I have learned in this course.”

Dick Ryerson

“I loved the course. The lectures were done in such a manner that it was very easy for me to understand. And I especially liked the printable pdf’s with practice homework. I learned a lot. Thank you for putting together such a fine course!”

Joanna Harmon

“Kevin is a great photographer, but that’s not the point. More importantly is the fact he’s an incredible teacher, both in person and with the online lessons. I’m a terrible student, so knowing that I can go back, over and over to pick up something I might have missed the first time is incredibly valuable. Prior to beginning the course, he outlines quite clearly, the 5 or 6 topics we are going to learn. He has under promised and over delivered as the lessons taught are legion. There is much more to be learned than merely a handful of things, each segment teaches something new, and for me, it’s truly eye opening to learn the different ways to view and photograph different subjects. This class is one which I shared with my 80 year old mother… she’d always wanted to learn how to shoot on manual, now she does! (Mom says, “Hi Kevin!) Guys, I got my moneys worth with this lesson and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their photography skills to take this course. It’s worth much more than I paid for it. Happy shooting!”
Jeff Charlot

“Clear, concise, visually rich content in many examples often using video presentation in practical situations, enthusiastic and encouraging presenter, lots of practical assignments, applicable to inexpensive camaras as well as high end dslr, tech details well explained – thanks for a great course!”
Robert Coish

“I’m absolutely staggered by the production quality, detail, and depth of this course as well as the obvious enthusiasm and passion of the instructor. If this course doesn’t get you grabbing your camera to take pictures nothing will!”
Rob Cubbon