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Master Your Camera – Master Your Creativity

You will learn to use your camera with confidence, assured that you are taking great photos. This course rolls away the mystery and confusion many people experience using their cameras.

Stop taking snap shots and truly harness the creative power available to you. Modern cameras are crammed with awesome technology which makes taking photos easier than ever. But what’s the point if you use your camera like you do your smart phone, to take snap shots?

Each lesson is clear and concise. Your time is not wasted. Practical assignments accompany the lessons giving you opportunity to experience the teaching.

By the end of the course and assignments you will

  • Be confident to control your camera using manual settings to adjust the exposure.
  • Have a good understanding of the basic function of your camera
  • Understand how to use the exposure meter
  • Understand different lighting conditions and how these impact your photography
  • Understand how your camera ‘sees’ compared to how your eyes see (and why this is important)
  • How to use your monitor to easily set your exposure
  • Understand more about Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Begin to use Aperture and Shutter Speed creatively
  • and more in all 22 lessons

Discounted Course Price: $29

(normally $49)

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Lightroom Digital Workflow

You will learn to choose your best photographs and identify the ones you’ll never use. This robust method you will give you confidence to make the best decisions about your photos.

Many people feel insecure about deleting photos from their hard drives. This can make it extremely difficult to locate pictures again in the future.

Learn the power of confident image selection. Move beyond the fear of using the delete key. Liberate your workflow and enjoy the best of your photography without distraction.

Also included are a special selection of essential editing tips and tricks.

Using Adobe Lightroom learn the processes of:

  • Importing your photos,
  • Basic keywording
  • Familiarizing yourself with the software interface
  • Culling your photos
  • Comparing and choosing your best photos
  • Refining the selection method
  • Finalize your selection
  • Applying basic balancing and editing
  • Use of presets.

Discounted Course Price: $29

(normally $49)

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