Life With A Camera

Insights into the art of photography and Northern Thai Life

Life With A Camera

Insights into the art of photography and Northern Thai Life

In my writing and videos I will encourage you to live a life being mindful of photography. I don’t often get geeky and technical.

I’ll often prompt you to make photography a good habit. Learning to use your camera instinctively frees you to express yourself and convey your life experience. To be this contident you must use your camera often.

Teaching, writing and producing videos about making photography a lifestyle is my passion. Here I share a mixture of blog posts, articles, and videos about photography. The articles are some of the most popular I write for Expert Photography and Digital Photography School (the most visited photography blog online.) My blog content is different. Click the links below or keep scrolling down to read more.

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Life With A Camera

Photography Blog

My blog posts are more reflectional on my photography lifestyle in north Thailand. Photography and life are more than the technical details and method.

Trusting Kayan girl exposes her neck, without the rings, for a photograph

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What I Do With My Camera

Photography Articles

My most popular photography articles published regularly for Digital Photography School and Expert Photography.

Moken sea gypsy sitting on his boat in the morning light

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Life On Camera

Our Videos

Take a look behind the scenes, at us building our home, teaching photography lessons and even a funny elephant dance. Here’s a selection from our Youtube Channel.

Look Think Click photography video

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Monk teaching school students at Wat Umong, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How to Be Better Prepared to Take Great Photos

How to Be Better Prepared to Take Great Photos How can you always be prepared to take your next best ever photograph? The short answer is “You can’t be!” Not always, not for every situation. No matter how organized you. No matter…

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man on a motorcycle with a side car full of trays of eggs

Be Patient and Anticipate

Learn the Value of Patience and Anticipation in Travel Photography It’s very easy to be a snap shooter, especially when you are traveling. Being out and about away from your normal walk in life, you see more things that are different and…

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tricycle taxi rider, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tuktuks, Temple, Monks and Markets

Tuktuks, Temple, Monks and Markets Tuktuks, temples, monks and markets are all great to photograph when you come to Chiang Mai, but there are other fabulous photo opportunities to discover in Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’.…

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market proter at Muang Mai Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand © Kevin Landwer-Johan

How to Improve Your Photography Skills and Take Better Photos

How to Improve Your Photography Skills and Take Better Photos Every photographer wants to take better photos. I know you want to improve your photography skills. Do you find yourself trying to work on up skilling too many techniques at once? Take a…

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Experience Thailand! Five Day Photography Workshop

Experience Thailand! Five Day Photography Workshop Typically our workshops range from a few hours to two days, with our one day workshops being the most popular. I find we can fill people’s minds with…

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Kayan girl having her makeup applied in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Meeting Malu – A Story About How Relationship Affects Your Photography

Meeting Malu – A Story About How Relationship Affects Your Photography   My experience of meeting a little girl, from a very different culture to my own, is a marvelous example of how relationship with your subject will affect your…

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Tourist boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar

How To Make The Most Of Bright Light In The Middle Of The Day

Mid Day Madness Many photographers avoid going out to make photographs in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky, the light is harsh and the shadows are strong. It certainly can be more…

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What I Do With My Camera – My articles published on other websites

4 Helpful Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Photographing People

Enjoying taking photos with your phone, but want to take your image making to the next level? Check out this popular article.

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Camera Diopter Adjustment dial

Viewfinder Image Blurry? Here’s How To Correct It

Does your camera monitor display a sharp image and yet your viewfinder is blurry? You may need to adjust your camera’s diopter. Here’s how

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Hmong Cart Racer © Kevin Landwer-Johan

Look. Think. Click. Don’t Rush Into Taking Those Action Photos

Great action photos are not often created on the spur of the moment. They take careful planning and anticipation. Learn techniques which will make you more successful.

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couple with a small camera

7 Questions That Will Help You Decide Which Camera To Buy

I’m often asked for advice by people wanting to buy a new camera. I think many of them expect me to tell them to buy a Nikon, because that’s what I use. But I don’t tell them that. First I ask a series of questions. Then help them…

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How to Use a Reflector to Improve Your Natural Light Portraits

Kevin is a contributing writer for Digital Photography School website. This article is published there. Through teaching our photography workshops here in northern Thailand I have learned there’s four mistakes people commonly make that…

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7 Tips for Learning How to See What Your Camera Sees

Depth and a fresh dynamic can be easily added to your natural light portraits by using reflected light. This can sometimes occur naturally, but more often than not, it’s easier and more effective to use a fold-out reflector for this purpose as…

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