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Recommended Photography Books

Irving Penn is an iconic photographer best known for his work with Vogue magazine. His professional career lasted nearly 70 years. He began as a designer, first picking up a camera because he was not getting the photos he wanted.

In many of the exotic locations he worked for Vogue he would stay on longer to work on his own photographic projects. He is one of my true photography heroes.

Irving Penn: Centennial celebrates the centennial of Penn’s birth, this splendid volume spans the entirety of his groundbreaking career.

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This book, written in Irving Penn’s own words, provided me the inspiration to begin my natural light portrait project back in 2008.

It contains many interesting stories giving insight into how he created his portraits, working with all kinds of people in the most exotic locations. Reading about Penn’s passion has certainly helped me develop mine.

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An old favorite of mine, I have enjoyed this book for many years. A fine collection of some of Penn’s best work.

This book contains many of his best known photographs and a number of more obscure images. Ranging from his natural light portraits and workers series to his classic still lifes and iconic fashion work for Vogue magazine.

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This is my favorite book about photography. Written by two friends, two photographers, with extensive experience in making pictures and teaching the craft.

It is no way a ‘How To’ photography book. There’s nothing much about equipment or even technique. If they are discussing equipment it’s about having the right tool for the right job. This book can help you improve your photography considerably.

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Recommended Software & Computer Accessories

Photoshop and Lightroom logos

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

I have been using Photoshop to post process my photographs for as long as I have been digitizing film, since before I owned a digital camera. I have used Lightroom since it was first released in 2012.  These products are the industry leaders with no other software I know of coming close to giving you the freedom to enhance and manipulate your photos however you wish to. Lightroom is also an excellent tool for managing your image library.

Subscribe to this package using my link, email me with proof, and I will give you a free enrollment to my Lightroom Digital Workflow online course.

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I use this every time I edit photographs. A mouse or laptop touch pad are clunky and awkward by comparison. This pen/tablet set is pressure sensitive and allows the highest degree of control. So, if you’re like me and love to get right down into the details when you are editing, you will love this gear. It’s available for both PC and Mac.

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This Pro version of the Wacom includes features such as:

  • A set of programmable express keys
  • Finger sensitivity allowing the use of gestures
  • Wireless connection
  • Enhanced pressure sensitivity

Using a Wacom takes a little getting used to, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Moving on from using a mouse has helped my creative productivity immensely.

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I’ve used one of these for the past eight years and finally it stopped performing 100%, so I am replacing it with the same model. It’s the most comfortable, well designed mouse I have used, so of course I will buy another one. The sensitivity is customizable so you can set it just how you like. I work with two monitors so am able to dial in just the right amount of sensitivity for my situation.

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This portable Lacie hard drive is designed to be tough and has been made rugged by the addition of a bright orange rubber sleeve. If you travel a lot and are concerned about having more than the hard drive in your computer to store and back up, these drives are ideal.

I have a number of the one terabyte drives because I mostly use them to back up to when traveling.

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