looking through the window at the view at Suan Sook Homestay

Custom Photography Workshops

Providing exceptional learning experiences

focused on the skills you most want to improve or learn.

We have developed our @ Suan Sook Photography Workshops to bring you the most enjoyable, practical learning experience. Stay with us and be immersed in photography while savoring the tranquil environment of the rural landscape and lifestyle.

Based a short one hour drive from Chiang Mai International Airport at the foot of Doi Inthanon National Park, we are situated in an ideal location to offer diverse photographic opportunities and teach the skills you are most wanting to improve on and/or learn.

detail of kitchen interior at Suan Sook Homestay, Thailand.
Exterior evening at Suan Sook homestay photography workshop

These workshops are customized to best suit where you are at in your photography journey. We have tons of experience in many, many styles and photographed everything from hill tribe to celebrity portraits, trolly racing to World Rally Championship competition, corporate boardrooms to garbage dump dwellings. We are passionate about what we do and enthusiastic to impart our passion and expertise to you.

Book an @ Suan Sook Photography Experience workshop with us and you will have the opportunity to discover more of your creative gifting, learn how to use your camera intuitively and infuse your photos with a depth of meaning and feeling beyond what you can currently imagine.

About Photography Experience @ Suan Sook

Kitchen interior at Suan Sook Homestay, Thailand.

Welcome To Our Home

Greeting you with a cool drink we’ll let you settle into one of our two guest rooms, each featuring king bed, en suite, air-conditioning and the warm comfort of our home.

Once you’re ready we can sit together and go over the options for how you would like to design your Photography Experience Workshop. To get an idea of what’s available, browse through the many options below. There’s a variety of locations we can teach at in the region and the photography topics best suited to each of them are also outlined. You can pick and choose where you’d most like to spend the time based on what you most want to see and the photography skills you most want to improve on.

During this initial discussion we’ll get a feel for where you are at with your photography and what you most want to focus on. Through our years of experience teaching we have found this to be a most valuable time. It will enable us to teach you matching your skill and experience level. We’ll also get a feeling for the way you prefer to use your camera and the styles you are drawn to.

glasses of cold iced tea at Suan Sook Homestay photography workshop
Ceramic New Zealand Birds at Suan Sook Homestay, Chom Thong, Thailand

Planning Your Workshop Experience

Whether you are coming for a single night and one day workshop, or a longer stay with multiple days of workshops, we will map out an itinerary based on your preferences.

Photographers with a reasonable amount of camera knowledge and experience will likely prefer arranging to go directly to a location first thing the following morning. For beginner photographers we recommend spending some time together in the morning at Suan Sook.

For Beginner Photographers

We will focus on familiarizing you with your camera and some of the essential photography skills. Around Suan Sook we’ve incorporated an abundance of interesting features to photograph and to aid your learning experience, so this will not be a boring classroom session. Once we have got you well grounded, understanding your camera better and the fundamental concepts of what makes a great photo, (and how to achieve doing this,) we’ll head out and do it!

two women looking at a camera

For More Experienced Photographers

Those who are already more familiar with using their cameras can begin the experience at your first chosen location. With a careful selection of locations you are sure to learn new techniques, develop your skills and spend the time capturing creative, dynamic photographs.

Photography workshop review
Pwo Karen men having their portrait made

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Pick the locations which most interest you and mix them with the style and skills you most want to work on. We not only want you to learn and love photography more, but we really want you to enjoy your experience at our home, in and around Doi Inthanon National Park and the region.

As you read through the outlines of locations below you will notice we have matched them with various types of photography best suited to them.

The Locations

@ Suan Sook

Portraits (outdoor studio)

I have developed a technique to make outdoor portraits with a custom made ‘studio’ using only available light, based Irving Penn’s own outdoor studio.

Night & Dusk

Dusk and night photography @ Suan Sook. Learn to experiment with low light, long exposures, ‘blue hour’ and using flash and other light sources.

Macro Photography

Attention to the smallest details. Focusing on making great photos of little things (or small portions of big things.)

Still Life

Take time to create and photograph still life subjects. It’s about balance, careful composition and lighting.


Natural creation provides endless opportunities to produce stunning photos.


Learn to see light, shadow and shapes @ Suan Sook.

Food Photography

Pique appetites by discovering how to make food look tempting and irresistible.

Digital Work-flow

Kevin has developed his work-flow diligently to ensure maximum efficiency and enjoyment to manage and manipulate digital photographs.

Hand folded flowers made from leaves at a Chiang Mai market for How to Analyze a Photograph: Critique Your Own Photos
Floering orchid at Suan Sook Homestay

Inthanon National Park

Mae Ya Waterfall

Our favorite of the many waterfalls in the national park.
 – Landscape, nature, panorama, long exposure.

Royal Project Agricultural Station and Gardens

Splendid gardens, green houses and nurseries developed to teach local farmers new and more productive growing methods.

 – Flowers/nature, landscape, macro, stock

Ang Ka Walkway

A short walk down fairly steep steps brings you to a serene green tropical forest boardwalk.

 – Nature, abstract.

Big Rock View Point

Stunning panoramic views from atop this large rock.

 – View, panorama, landscape

Kew Mae Pan Walkway

2.8km trail through forest and along the mountainside with more sensational panoramic views.

 – View, panorama, landscape, stock, story telling

Twin Royal Pagodas

The twin pagodas are set in spectacular gardens with majestic panoramic views.

 – Architecture, landscape, flowers/nature, panorama, view, stock

Rice Terraces

Terraced working rice fields stretch impressively on and on across mountainsides and through valleys. (Available only during the growing season – July thru early November)

 – Landscape, panorama, stock, view.

rice fields on Doi Inthanon during a photowrkshop by Kevin and Pansa
Close up of a Dahlia flower during a Suan Sook Photography workshop
Ang Ka boardwalk through forest on Doi Inthanon taken during a Suan Sook Photo Workshop
sunset photo of one of the twin royal pagodas on Doi Inthanon taken during a Suan Sook Photography Wosrkshop

Local Highlights

Weekend Markets

Rural markets selling everything from mobile phones to buffalo. Throngs of locals (and few or no tourists) flock to these markets every Saturday and Sunday. (You’ll need to be staying with us on a Friday or Saturday night to include this option.)

 – Street, candid, people, storytelling, black and white, food,


We have a variety of local Buddhist temples, of which we’ve picked out the most photogenic, close by Suan Sook and further away.

 – Architecture, still life, story telling, abstract, stock

Reclining Buddha

A massive statue rests on a hill top surrounded by gardens and religious sculptures.

 – Architecture, still life, story telling, nature, panorama, view, abstract, stock

Mae Lai Karen Village

Real rural hill tribe lifestyle. We have a close relationship with people in this village. It’s a wonderful place to experience a little of Karen lifestyle and make some great portraits with our outdoor studio.

 – Portraits, architecture, street, story telling, black and white,

Baan Thon Luang

Slightly north of Chiang Mai, so a little further away, is one of our favorite places to photograph and take guests to. We have very good relationships here which afford us, and you, remarkable photo opportunities.

 – Portraits, people, candid, architecture, black and white, story telling, flash

Muang Mai Market

Another of our favorite photography locations. We’ve been taking workshops here for years and never get tired of the hsutle and bustle and real Chaing Mai life.

 – People, street, story telling, candid, food, macro, black and white, time lapse, stock, abstract

Senior Karen couple street portrait taken during a Suan Sook Photo Workshop
Close up of a cow being help by a man during a Suan Sook Photo Workshop
woman with a dslr camera at the fresh market in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tattooed Pwo Karin men during a Suan Sook Photo Workshop



We have a base rate per day with additional charges depending or your choices, as some locations require an entrance fee. The accommodation cost varies from high to low season, (currently between 1300bt – 1900bt per room per night.) Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the workshop prices. Drinking water, tea, and coffee are also included. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the prices.


Workshop Prices

First Day – 7500bt

Second Day – 6500bt

Third and subsequent days – 5500bt

Please ask us about pricing discounts for more than one person booking at the same time.

If you compare our photography workshop prices with others offering one on one or small group teaching you will find we are often 3-4 times cheaper than in many countries.

There is a 300bt per person ticket to enter Doi Inthanon National Park and some attractions within the park, (such as the Royal Project, Twin Pagodas and waterfalls,) a further ticket price incurred. Baan Thong Luang Village has a ticket price of 500bt per person.

If you are wanting to work with the outdoor studio, using local people as models or professional models in traditional costume, the price will vary depending on the number of models, costumes etc.

All locations requiring a ticket purchase are indicated above like this **(300bt) with the price in brackets indicating the cost of the ticket.

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Suggested Workshop Design

2 Days, 2 Nights

Arrive in the afternoon or early evening to check in.

Discuss together what you hope to learn and experience during the workshop. Design the workshop together to meet your needs.

Dinner together @ Suan Sook

Workshop Day 1:

After breakfast head up the mountain to the Royal Project Gardens and spend the morning learning and practicing new skills and improving on existing ones.

Enjoy lunch at the Royal Project restaurant before going for a relaxing walk in the cool of the tropical forest at the Ang ka Walkway. Head back to Suan Sook for a rest before an early dinner.

After dinner spend time at dusk and into the evening focusing on ‘blue hour’ and long exposure techniques.

Workshop Day 2:

Wake early to leave for the weekend market, (for this option you’ll need to be here on a Saturday or Sunday, obviously.) Enjoy breakfast at the market and be immersed in a rural Thai cultural experience and photography fest! There’s so much to photograph here – from candid or posed portraits, food, plants, crowds of people, lively ‘street’ scenes and, at the Saturday market there’s also cows and buffalo.

Heading back we can enjoy lunch at a restaurant along the way and then spend time in the afternoon working through digital workflow methods. Learning how to manage your photos and choose which ones you want to post process.

Then return to Chiang Mai or relax and spend another night with us @ Suan Sook Homestay.

Costs for this suggested 2 day workshop:

Chiang Mai transfer – optional (3000bt)

Accommodation 2 nights (3800bt)

2 Day Workshop (14000bt)

Doi Inthanon Park Ticket(300bt)

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Thai couple at a rural market taken during a Suan Sook Photo Workshop
Suan Sook homestay near by Doi Inthanon National park in the evening