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Learn to experience photography and create stunning, meaningful photos like a professional

Travel Photography Workshops

We have travel photography workshops to suit your style, budget and travel schedule. You can participate for a single day or come and live in with us at our Suan Sook Homestay. Come and immerse yourself in photography and rural Thai life.
Our one day Chiang Mai travel photography workshops are affordable and time efficient. Designed for travelers on the move who want to improve their photography skills.
If you have more time and a more flexible schedule, come to stay with us. Experience our Weekend Markets Workshop or even design your own. You have the choice of locations and we can focus on the skills you most want to learn.
We will guide you in making memorable and compelling travel magazine quality images. These will give you a rich, lasting memory of this journey and every journey you’ll make in the future. We’ll teach you skills to document your travel experiences as you have never done before. If you like making photos
  • for personal use,
  • sharing on your social media,
  • building your portfolio
  • or selling as stock images
our travel photography workshops will take you to new levels of proficiency.

In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the heart of Northern Thailand. We have an intimate knowledge of the region and culture. We love sharing this during our workshops.
If you’re interested in the
  • cuisine,
  • hill tribes,
  • local lifestyle
  • or curious as to what it’s like for a foreigner to live here long term
we will be more than happy to answer your questions and enrich your experience. Photography is about so much more than the settings on your camera.
Please choose from one of our travel photography workshops listed below.

Our Travel Photography Workshops

Book a Travel Photography Workshop with us this month and receive our

Master Your Camera – Master Your Creativity

online course


This online course is a great review of any of our travel workshops so you can enjoy learning on the day and into the future

with Photo Workshops by Kevin+Pansa.

“There’s a fundamental misconception in photographic education right now. New photographers actually believe they can learn to be a photographer just watching videos and webinars. You can no more learn to be a professional photographer sitting in front of your computer than you could learn to drive a car just watching videos”  Skip Cohen

Rebecca had this to share about her experience …

I cannot say enough good about Kevin. There are a lot of amazing photographers in this world, but not many are truly exceptional teachers. Kevin truly know how to put the art of photography and the technical aspects of the camera into the right light for each one of his students. He certainly did so for me.

I’ve been traveling for 9 years now and have been a self taught mature photographer for a good majority of that time. I was looking to step my craft up a few notches but just couldn’t seem to get past a certain level… I knew I was grasping all that my camera could do, and the frustration of not being able to capture a shot just the way I wanted it was beginning to kill my creativity. Then, along came Kevin. He was the key to unlocking the magic! Answered so many questions and inspired so many more, then gave me the answers with hands on experience.

Not to mention, he knows the streets of Chiang Mai like a native and will you to places you would have ever found on your own. What he charges for the day is so exceptional reasonable, especially as the knowledge you will walk away with is priceless. I’ve moved onto Laos since then and I truly cannot believe the differences in my photos… I’m inspired all over again. Thank you Kevin!!!

Man teaching a woman to take photographs
Man with a camera and a Kayan long neck woman

Jack left us this review …

Kevin and Pansa introduced me to the local life in Chiang Mai, which allowed me to feel more comfortable in approaching people in the markets and later with the hill tribes. Along the way I was learning from a well respected professional photographer, who showed excitement for my photography as well as any photo opportunity that came our way. I look forward to my next journey with Kevin and Pansa, where we can create an even more special adventure over a few days.

I don’t normally write reviews so this was special for me and I am sure it will be just as special for you.


Chiang Mai Photo Workshops

Photo Workshops @ Suan Sook Homestay


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